Virtual Warehouse

Partnering with a Virtual Warehouse Distributor: A Step towards Seamless Inventory Management

In today’s fast-paced business world, the need for an efficient and streamlined inventory management system and distribution partner is crucial for success. Collaborating with a distributor that offers virtual warehouse inventory is a smart move for businesses looking to take their inventory management to the next level. Virtual warehouse inventory allows resellers to store their […]

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Quality Assurance

Updated 2023 Warranty Information

Our Quality Assurance Nearly all our compatible & remanufactured imaging supplies (laser, fax, and inkjet cartridges) are made in factories that are ISO9001, ISO14001, and STMC certified. Our factories must produce our products using strict quality control (QC) procedures and utilize continuous process improvements. Raw materials are to be inspected to ensure they meet incoming […]

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Supplies Wholesalers Now A Part Of The Arlington/Carolina Wholesale Group

It is with much excitement we are announcing Supplies Wholesalers and CWG International, a subsidiary of Carolina Wholesale Group, parent company of ARLINGTON, are joining forces to increase the size of their distribution network of imaging supplies and business machines.  Supplies Wholesalers is teaming up with the premier brand of ARLINGTON to share our collective […]

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